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Intentional Ceremonial Hand-Poked Tattoos

At a very special event we attended in the jungles of Panama, I witnessed a ceremonial hand-poke tattoo session on my partner that was wildly inspirational! 


The artist guided him through the design process using the symbol he had chosen and offered a ceremony to seal the intention of the tattoo.  POWERFUL!  


​I have seen the power of Shamanic Energywork and know that often symbols become very important markers and reminders of one's journey through different phases of the soul's evolution.  So it is my deepest honor to work with each client to create a design that represents the magick of their journey. 


Sometimes the designs are symbols chosen by the client and sometimes the design is channeled directly from their guides, but it is always applied within a ceremonial setting that often includes a fire ceremony to release and then to ground the energies of the piece.

Please read more info here.

​If you are interested in more information or to chat about a design, please contact me.

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