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general information



  • Breathwork and Cacao Ceremony Facilitation

  • Medicine Ceremony Preparation and Integration

  • Light Language Work

  • Universal Energy Work (Reiki Master)

  • Parallel/"Past" Life Retrieval; Origin Life

  • Star System (Starseed) Connections

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Shamanic Extraction

  • Psychopomp and Cord Removal (working with spirit or energetic attachments to remove them from a person, place or object and walk them home)

  • Hospice Services

  • Somatic Movement

  • Spirit Guide Retrieval and other aspects of Shamanic Arts

  • Channeled Information

  • Shadowwork Program Facilitation

  • Chakra Work and Activation

  • Crystal Work

  • Frequency/Music Therapy (tuning forks, singing bowls, drums, rattles, etc.)

  • Trauma Processing (abuse, rape, addiction, anxiety, depression, etc.)

  • Bodywork (to release pain, lymphatic drainage, rehabilitate wounds, assess recurring pain and its metaphysical causes, address alignment issues, and, in some cases, to prevent the need for surgeries)

  • Ceremonial and Intentional Adornment Hand-Poked Tattoos

  • Anything else that Spirit Realm asks of me, including health related information, mediumship, etc.


Please see below for descriptions of offerings.




In addition to information shared, I sometimes use a more hands-on/direct approach, focused on the aspect of healing the expression of traumas and imbalances in the body.   


This may include hands-on techniques (utilization of Universal Energy, physical release of trauma held in muscles/body areas, tapping, myofascial release, etc.), light language, guided breathwork, guided soul retrievals and integrations, guided chakra activations, guided cord and energetic attachment removal, etc.


To be clear, it is VERY disresonant to me to imply that I am “healing” you, rather we will do it TOGETHER and I will guide you on how to do it, so in the future you feel empowered to navigate these things on your own, if you choose.  We are all our own shamans and healers!  We will work to heal you TOGETHER.




As always, if you are experiencing financial hardship and need to break the fees into smaller payments or need other considerations, please reach out BEFORE we schedule the session so we can work out an arrangement.  All payments are expected at the time of service unless we have discussed another option.


Last minute Cancellations/No-Shows:  If you cancel within less than 24 hours before the session more than twice, a non-refundable session payment will be required at the time of scheduling your next appointment.  If you cancel/reschedule that appointment your payment will be forfeited. 


If you no-show for a session, a payment must be made to schedule another session and if you cancel/no show, the payment will be forfeited.


ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions you have about the processes and services.

Shamanic EnergyWork 

This work combines the ancient and beautiful art of Shamanism, Science, Universal Energy (Reiki), chakra work, crystals, shadowwork (work to clear childhood and adult onset traumas), healing work, breathwork, intentional music, introduction to Spirit Guides, parallel/past life information, and anything else requested by your Guides, in a private and confidential, one-on-one setting.  We work with Guides from the Spirit Realm such as Galactic Family, Angelics, Ascended Masters, Elementals, Spirit Animals, etc. and with their support, can work to heal and integrate traumas such as sexual, physical, emotional abuse, feeling unworthy, feeling unlovable, anxiety, depression, and all the other "things" that hold us back from experiencing this beautiful human adventure as the powerful creators WE TRULY ARE!  


Appointments can be in-person or via videocall.  Most people are tired after the appointment and wish to rest and reflect.  Where I go, you go... we journey together to meet your Guides and retrieve information .... and that can be exhausting ... so please plan accordingly (i.e. don't plan on a day when you will need to immediately go into work, or to other engagements)


  • First Session:  These sessions require a lot of information intake/exchange and foundational work, so are often the longest appointments. Any of the offerings listed above may be performed depending upon what is directed by your Oversoul and Guides.  These sessions are up to 5 hours long and are $175.


  • Regular Session:  If there is a service you are requesting or specific questions or topics you would like to discuss, please have that information ready so we can streamline the session.  Also, most of these sessions will include some work with tuning forks in order to tend the central nervous system, identify issues sitting in the energetic body/field and begin work to rebalance, restore and bring those energies and systems back into a healthy resonance, which can take 30ish minutes in this context.  These sessions are 3ish hours long and are $125.


  • 30-Minute Call/Videocall:  When my schedule is booked out, I will offer 30-minute calls/videocalls (in-person is not available for this service) to current clients.  This is perfect if you have a quick question or two, don’t need a full appointment or need to touch base before your scheduled appointment.  These sessions are for current clients, are 30 minutes long and are $40.

ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions you have.

tuning fork healing

These sessions will focus only on tending the central nervous system, identifying issues sitting in the energetic body/field and begin working to rebalance, restore and bring those energies and systems back into a healthy resonance.  This does not include any information exchange beyond what is relevant to the tuning fork work.  Other music therapy tools may be used.  The entire session will be spent on the table or in a hammock.  These sessions are1-1.5 hours long and are $100.

ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions you have.



Breath is a tool that acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious, the seen and the unseen, the normal state of consciousness and the altered/higher state of consciousness, the mind and the body, and the autonomic/somatic and parasympathetic/ sympathetic systems.  You can control your breathing consciously (somatic) using pranayama or breathwork exercises... but even if you don't think about breathing, you will still breathe (autonomic)... MAGIC!! 


With so much of our life spent in flight, fight or freeze (sympathetic) mode, breathwork can facilitate the shift to rest and digest (parasympathetic) mode. Breathwork works on the principle that there is a direct connection between mental and physical wellbeing, so relaxing and releasing with breathwork dissolves tension in both the body and the mind.


Through breathing continuously without break, your body takes in more oxygen than usual, which changes the O2 and CO2 levels in your blood and brain. You enter an altered/higher state of consciousness where memories, images, emotions or body sensations can surface to be acknowledged, honored, healed and integrated. The power of breathwork is that in this state, you are both the experiencer as well as the observer of the experience, enabling you to release and re-interpret the experience from a newly conscious and fresh perspective.


Through consciously connecting to the breath, you increase the flow of energy through your body (experienced as tingling, energy rushes, waves, heat, etc.). This loosens up stored blockages held in your four bodies - physical, energetic/emotional, mental and spiritual - thus working on all four bodies simultaneously. 


What you experience during breathwork will vary every time and the spectrum of experiences range from: physical sensations of pain or pleasure, release of body blockages through heat or energy movement, release of emotions (sadness, anger, etc.), realizations of dysfunctional thought patterns, new thought connections and insights, deeply spiritual or energetic experiences... and so much more!


Breathwork is a journey towards freedom... and it can assist us in releasing the blockages that hold us back from experiencing our fullest, truest, free Selves, such as:


·       relationship patterns and life cycles that keep repeating (karma)

·       not knowing who you are and why you are here (dharma)

·       not knowing what you want and therefore not expressing your full potential

·       feeling trapped in a way of being

·       needing to please others to the detriment of Self 

·       general stress

·       job-related problems 

·       depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias

·       shyness, low self-esteem, unworthiness, lack of confidence 

·       general unhappiness with your life

·       an inability to feel or feelings of being disconnected from Soul and Source

·       abuse 


Breathwork will help us know and connect with ourselves more deeply.... it will open doors we were unable to access... or ones we didn't even know existed.


This service can be scheduled as a private ceremony (2ish hours long and are $125), offered as group ceremonies (3ish hours long and are $35) and can be used as a healing modality within other types of sessions.  Please see below for information on monthly group breathwork ceremonies.

ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions you have.



Monthly Breathwork Ceremonies are held the 4th Sunday of every month at 11am.  They typically begin at 11am and last approximately 3 hours and are $35, unless cacao is included in the ceremony, which would be $45.  See more information about Breathwork above or register here.  (Registration link will be posted 2 weeks prior to each ceremony.)



I was guided in late 2019 to write a Shadowwork program by my Guides and the Guides for the Meta tribe.  None of us understood at that time how incredibly important and valuable the program would prove to be as we entered 2020.

It is an amalgamation of material I have collected during my own healing journey, including from books, trainings, research, as well as information directly channeled from my Guides.  It is broken out by Chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus - which are the chakras that relate to every incarnation you have chosen to have on earth and beyond earth) and there are different feminine and masculine Guides for each chakra who have chosen to support those moving through this program.  Each chakra's program is 30+ pages of information that contains "real-time" questions that can be used when moving through life experiences, as well as homework questions intended to dive you into your unconscious/shadow realm to uncover, acknowledge, honor, heal and integrate the traumatic experiences you have had in this, and parallel, lives.


​This program reveals not only what is currently in the shadow realm of each chakra as well as how it got there, but also how to prevent future experiences from relegating to the shadow realm.  This program truly helps you understand why you move the way your move.  KNOW THYSELF.

This is a guided/facilitated program.  The initial session is approximately 3 hours and includes a guided journey and activation/integration of 5D chakras.    Each chakra's material takes a minimum of 6 weeks to move through, however, many participants are opting to take months to complete each chakra in order to fully process and integrate what surfaces.  So, you will work at your own pace, but we will have short check-in calls/videocalls whenever needed.  You will not be alone ... it is my deepest honor to serve you as you heal and move into a more authentic expression of Self.


This program is not easy, and it may not be appropriate if the Central Nervous System is not relatively strong.  If new to this work, I STRONGLY recommend having a Shamanic Energy session first in order to lay the foundation for information and Guides you will be working with in the program.  If I feel your CNS is not in a strong enough state to begin the program, I will be honest.  Your safety and wellbeing are my highest priority, and I will not knowingly risk your mental health. 

This service is available as a one-on-one program where the cost for each of the three chakras is $150 (fee is payable at the time you begin each level, not all up front) and includes all materials, a 3-hour in-person or videocall session to cover all materials together, and short check-in calls/videocalls while you are working through the program.  Or, this can be offered as a group program where cost would be  dependent upon number of participants.  Other session types you may choose to schedule are separate from this program fee.

ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions you have.



I have been teaching yoga and offering triggerpoint therapy for 20 years.  During that time, the bodywork has grown to include many other modalities (myofascial, cupping, etc.), but the most important addition has been the assistance from my Guides that began several years ago.  

These sessions will focus on the physical body and can include surgery prevention (in many, but not all cases), post-surgery rehab, correcting compensation patterns, postural realignment, recurrent pain and more. I utilize triggerpoint therapy, cupping, myofascial release, and often include some work with tuning forks. 


This is not massage, but rather spirit-guided bodywork that targets not only the physical issue, but the energy causing the imbalance, blockage, recurring pain.  So, we don't just treat the symptoms, we identify the cause.  Because we are energetic beings having a physical experience, the causes for imbalances are always energetic first - cure the cause of the energetic imbalance, cure the physical symptoms.

Our beautiful and complex bodies only speak one language:  sensation.  Once we learn to engage with them, we realize they are communicating with us about where we need to tend ourselves.  Our bodies love us very much.  They are not failing us, they are desperately trying to talk to us.  The entire session will be spent on the table.  These sessions are1.5-4 hours long and are $125.

If you have questions or would like to book an session to learn what your beautiful body is saying to you, please contact me.

Shamanic Yoga 

... combines the ancient arts of Shamanism and Yoga in a beautiful and very complimentary meld of traditions, which can include drumming during Savasana to support Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Breathwork and introduction to Guides. Both arts support inward reflection while honoring the interconnectedness of all beings on this beautiful planet... including this beautiful planet, Gaia!  These classes bring awareness to living consciously within the flow of this beautiful human experience, while instilling confidence in our own power to connect and communicate with our Highest Self and other Guides to heal ourselves... We all contain within us our own shamans! But, these classes are taught with joy, so there is talking and laughing and often very interesting conversations during classes! 


Please check the Schedule Page for information on class availability.

ceremonial and intentional adornment hand-poked tattoos

Hand-poked tattoos are done without the use of a tattoo machine.  This is the way tattooing began thousands of years ago and is still done by tribes all over the world.  This form of tattooing is sacred, intentional, ceremonial.  The design is channeled by me or you can provide a concept and I will work to integrate whatever your Guides bring into my awareness.

I call my hand-poked business A Million Points of Love, because hand-poked tattoos require full presence to insert every point of ink - often millions of them - into the skin.  It's a journey we take together.  I use the dotwork/pointillism style in my pieces - which emphasizes how each dot, while unique and singular, contributes to create a larger community of dots, that then creates an image, picture or symbol.  I like this as a metaphor for being human:  all individual and unique, and yet still part of a larger community, and ultimately part of the human species.  I am an ardent adversary of the sterility of perfection.  So, this style of tattooing brings humanness fully back into the application of the tattoo.  

When tattoos are done this way they become so, so, so much more powerful.  They hold the intention of the piece in physical form.  Many receive information during the tattoo application and, nearly always, continue to receive information, guidance, connections, etc. after the appointment.   


These appointments always start with a short shamanic ceremony - often a fire ceremony - to ground the symbol into this realm.  I choose the music that best serves your experience and we will often discuss anything your Guides would like you to know before beginning the process of applying the tattoo.

This is not for common tattoos.  This process should be reserved for intentional adornments or ceremonial, sacred tattoos.  

SPECIAL WORKSHOPS and ceremonies


Monthly Breathwork Ceremonies are held the 4th Sunday of every month at 11am.  They last approximately 3 hours and are $35, unless cacao is included in the ceremony, which would be $45.  See more information about Breathwork above or register here.  (Registration link will be posted 2 weeks prior to each ceremony.)

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