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Pole Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced...  Each level includes both STATIC and SPINNING pole instruction and contains moves taught on and off the pole.  Beginner Pole is suitable for ALL beginners and is designed to build the strength and pole experience necessary to comfortably move onto Intermediate and Advanced Pole.  Each Level provides new Walks, Pole Moves, Pirouettes, Floor Work and Pole Spins that build on the prior level.  Aerial pole moves such as sits, stands, climbs, and knee and elbow holds are introduced in Beginner and Intermediate Pole classes so that when you reach the Advanced level you are conditioned and ready to comfortably invert.  


Recommended attire:  tank tops; stretch pants can be worn, however, shorts are preferred as many moves require skin contact with the pole;  heels are acceptable, but, not required, however, socks will be needed if no shoes are worn.

Pole Dancer

Lyra is a steel hoop suspended by secure rigging into ceiling beams.  Lyras can be used static or spinning, but due to their suspension, there will be swinging and rotating while on the Lyra.  These classes are designed to build the foundational move sets, skills, strength, flexibility and balance required for the unique needs of Aerial Arts, mentally and physically.   


Recommended attire:  stretch pants and a snug fitting tshirt are recommended.  

Flying Ring

This class will build your strength and stamina while teaching beautiful moves on both the chair and floor.  Once combined, the movements will create a fluid, visually captivating, artistic and cohesive routine!!!  This class is appropriate for all levels.  

Recommended attire:  tank tops; stretch pants or shorts;  heels are acceptable, but, not required, however, socks will be needed if no shoes are worn.



If you loved our Body Balance, Flexibility & Strength and Animal Movement classes, you are gonna LOVE this… ‘Cause it’s all those classes in one!!

This class will include:


BALANCE – you will learn all manner of yoga balances:  Handstands, Headstands, Forearm Balances, and more!  Movement progressions are included in this class, which makes it accessible for beginners through more experienced balancers.  

MOVEMENT  - you will flow through movements - like in the Animal Flow-style technique – that will counter our sedentary, linear lifestyles.  Movement creates fuller ranges of motion and healthy joints and muscles, so you feel capable of moving how you need and want to through life.

FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH -  you will move through ranges of active, passive, static and dynamic movements to build not only the flexibility to get your splits, backbends or good posture, but also the strength to hold yourself there safely and with power!  We will work with the whole body – joints and muscles, as well as the central nervous system – to create a strong and flexible YOU!  Not every technique works for every body... so we will work with many techniques and look at YOUR body to determine how to safely progress.

This is adaptable to all levels, but this class is active!   It will use lots of props and space on the floor to explore fluid movements throughout a wide range of motions and movements.  THIS IS PLAY!!!  


Recommended attire:  comfy, close-fitting clothing (so body alignment can be observed), so tank tops and stretch pants/shorts (remember you'll be going upside down, so snug fitting clothing will stay in place better), as well as socks or leg warmers are needed.  


Say what, we have horizontal pole classes too?! Yes, yes we do! This class is a compliment to all of our classes at Meta or just on its own. Ballet Barre will help with your active and passive flexibility, strength, balance, using your lines/body awareness, how to POINT YOUR TOES!!! and so much more, all while using a barre for support.  This is a fun class that is open to all levels with no necessary dance prerequisites!  Come get strong and toned... and have some fun!


Recommended attire: you will need your feet to

slide, so socks are required for this class.  

Ballet at the Barre

Burlesque baby!!!!!!   Don't know what Burlesque is?  Well slide on over here and let us tell ya alllllll about it!  Burlesque is what started it all... it's the art of the tease... it's whipping your audience up into a frenzy and yet barely showing them anything (at least by today's standards!) It's about being glamorous and gorgeous and using our wiles in any way we see fit!   We've been told it's not ok to sway our hips or jiggle when we walk… Well... THEY LIED TO US!   So come strut, peel, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, twirl and jiggle with us!!!!  

Recommended attire:  Please dress to your personal comfort level, however, long gloves, boas, stockings and general burlesque-y attire is AWESOME!!!  Heels are not required, but do make the strutting so much easier; a 2"-5" heel works best.

Burlesque Diva

... combines the ancient arts of Shamanism and Yin Yoga in a beautiful and very complimentary meld of traditions, which can include drumming, rattling or other sound therapies during Savasana to support Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Breathwork and introduction to Guides. Both arts support inward reflection while honoring the interconnectedness of all beings on this beautiful planet... including this beautiful planet, Gaia!  These classes bring awareness to living consciously and presently within the flow of this beautiful human experience, while instilling confidence in our own power to connect and communicate with our Highest Self and other Guides to heal ourselves... We all contain within us our own shamans! But, these classes are taught with joy, so there is talking and laughing and often very interesting conversations during classes! 


Please check the Schedule Page for information on class availability.

Yoga Pose
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